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Welcome to The Cardamom Pod at Brickworks
& thank you for choosing to dine with us

 We are a group of happy, healthy people who love sharing great vegetarian dishes with lovely people like you. We believe their is great benefit in eating food that has been cooked with heart in a jubilant mood with the best ingredients available.

Clean eating of plant based foods helps greatly in creating a pristine and healthy body with clear consciousness and of course leaving a lighter foot print on this delicate planet. At The Cardamom Pod you can literally EAT YOUR WAY TO A BETTER WORLD.

 The style and mode of cooking employed hails from the beautiful traditions of ancient india where food is cooked as an offering of love for lord  krishna and is called prasadam or the kindness of the supreme, adding yet another uplifting dimension to the vibration of the food you eat,
YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. . is an excellent maxim along with let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food:)


We hope you will enjoy this menu and appreciate our endeavour to offer you food that is both inspired and made with love, and let all your friends know they can finally eat truly clean and conscious plant powered offerings that are well presented tasty and karma free.

We hope we have succeeded to some degree to create a place where a clean eating establishment can prove its ability to hang with other well loved eateries and leave our wonderful customers feeling happily surprised that all they enjoyed was of high quality in taste and presentation and not lacking despite our Kitchen being fully plant based and free from dairy or animal by products. Just a reminder we are a Vegetarian restaurant that offers cow milk option for your coffee should you choose it.

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